Protect Yourself and Your Family with Affordable Health Care and Wellness Benefits.

The Alliance offers benefits that far outweigh the minimal monthly payment. If every individual, family or small business does not have this program, then they should.

The Alliance Value Plan includes our top benefits

The Alliance Value Plan offers telemedicine access with NO co-pay and NO limit on the number of consultations

24/7 Emergency roadside assistance – “sign & go” service up to $125 per event

24/7 global emergency assistance, including medical transport

The Alliance Value Plan covers you and your family from under $15/month.

Get unlimited consultations with board certified physicians via web, phone or app.* Physicians are even able to diagnose and prescribe common remedies in many states.

24/7 Doctor Access

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The Alliance Value Plan starts under $15/month, get started today!

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Memberships are offered and administered by Alliance for Affordable Services, a nonprofit corporation formed under the laws of the District of Columbia. THESE PLANS ARE NOT INSURANCE and are not intended to replace existing insurance. Alliance membership is not an insurance contract, and can include access to insured and non-insured benefits. Benefits explained herein are offered at Alliance's sole discretion; may vary by availability, package option, vendor, each member's state of residence; and may be subject to change. Limitations and restrictions apply. Vendors reserve the right to withdraw or change their offers without notice.

*For those individuals who maintain a separate Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified health plan as defined under Federal Law, the Internal Revenue Service has not specifically ruled on the impact of stand-alone telemedicine programs on HSA eligibility. Accordingly, you may wish to consult a tax or legal adviser before enrolling in this plan.

Easy Doctor Access at Any Time

Car Troubles Are a Thing of the Past

Peace of Mind When Traveling Abroad

Affordable benefits that protect the whole family for one low monthly price.

ID Theft Resolution Services

Members have access to America’s premier provider of identity theft resolution services and proactive tools.

Access to free and discounted legal services from a nationwide network of qualified attorneys through the Legal Club Family Plan.

Legal Club®

Global Emergency Services

Assistance 24/7 when traveling more than 100 miles from home including medical consultation, emergency medical evacuation and more.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

The Association Motor Plan offers 24-hour toll-free access anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, with coverage up to $125 per event if your vehicle becomes disabled.

Alliance Scholarships & Grants

Offering $2,000 first-year scholarships and $1,000 renewal scholarships up to 3 years, and $1,000 one-time grant for Members who attend a 2-year trade or technical school.

—Richard W, California


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